Social Groups

Small groups of 2-4 may be formed on the basis of similar social needs and age. 

Academic Tutoring

2 Be Social offers one-to-one tutoring in reading and writing while using a solid foundation in social cognition.   

Individualized Development

2 Be Social offer​s one-to-one social training to children and adults using the Social Thinking framework developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Christine Sterenczak is a special education teacher with over 16 years of  experience educating students on the autism spectrum.  With a strong background in Applied Behavior Analysis, she is eager to blend ABA methodologies and Social Thinking concepts.

Address: 617A Swedesford Rd Malvern, PA 19355

Phone: 484-318-8795

Cell: 610-883-3320


"The social training by 2 Be Social has truly expanded the way I see the world. I have really begun to see social situations in new light".  -Erin C.

Meet our staff

2 Be Social,LLC is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania; is convenient to West Chester, Downingtown and Exton and serves both Chester County and Delaware County

Being comfortably social is a natural phenomenon for some and for others it is a daily struggle. We teach the "why" of social communication and interaction in order to understand behaviors and emotions rather than teach specific social skills toreact to them. When we develop the skills to think about social behaviors we are better able to adjust our own behavior in the moment rather than depend on following a social rule which may not be the best for the situation. Learning how to adjust behaviors is something that will be recognized by others as "good social skills" and will create a more positive, comfortable experience for all involved.

We use a cognitive approach to developing an understanding of social behaviors. Learning about others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions help promote appropriate behavior which is perceived as having "good social skills". We incorporate the Social Thinking framework developed by Michelle Garcia Winner along with research and evidence-based strategies. We have proven the positive outcome of these strategies while educating students with learning differences in the classroom. Using these methods, we develop a customized program based on the individual's level of social understanding and competency, as well as personal goals shared by the individual and his/her family members. 

Our goal is for our clients to become socially comfortable by developing a process of "thinking", not just memorizing social rules. Our program can help those with an open mind and patience to learn how to better communicate with friends, relatives, co-workers and employers.  We strive to help our clients  better understand body language and facial expressions, and how to respond to others' feelings, thoughts, and needs. 

Our Core Values:

  • Reduce stress/anxiety
  • Develop social communication skills
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Recognize personal strengths and needs
  • Individualize learning plans
  • Meet personal goals
  • Strengthen self-regulation skills
  • Strengthen executive functioning skills 

What you can expect:

  •  Free consultation
  • Customized curriculum
  • Research and evidence-based strategies
  • Real-word experiences
  • Support between sessions​​​​
  • ​Will align program to IEP social and academic goals when available

Tara Trievel, M.Ed., is a Certified Autism Specialist with over fourteen years of experience educating students with social challenges and reading disabilities.  In 2014 she completed clinical training at the Social Thinking(R) clinic in Boston, MA. 

Social Tutoring for students and adults with AD/HD, Asperger's, NVLD, High Functioning Autism and those without a diagnosis who experience social difficulties.