Our goal:

To increase cognitive flexibility and perspective taking in those experiencing difficulties with social communication, executive functioning, and emotional regulation.

We strive to help our clients become socially comfortable by developing a process of "thinking", not just memorizing social rules. We teach our learners how to better communicate with friends, relatives, co-workers and employers.

We help our clients better understand body language and facial expressions, and how to respond to self and others feelings, thoughts, and needs. Our program benefits those
experiencing social difficulties sometimes due to Asperger’s, ADHD, High Functioning Autism.

Our approach:

We implement the Social ThinkingⓇ framework developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Lessons are developed based on a student’s current level of social competency, family goals and individual goals. A free consultation is required to determine areas of need for either a social group or for individual sessions. Sessions are one hour in which 50 minutes is spent with clients and the remaining ten minutes is spent to wrap-up with parents/guardians. We do our best to promote consistency when learning vocabulary and concepts. We feel strongly that the continuity between home, school, and 2 Be Social is in place during the development of new social skills.

Our focus:

We focus on brain diversity when assessing each individual's social struggles. These struggles often stem from difficulties with executive skills. Executive functioning is an umbrella term that describes many of the concepts which influence social skills development. There are several "functions" in which we focus in order to aid in the development of social competence. The functions include, but are not limited to, impulse control, transitions, task initiation/completion, planning, emotional regulation, self-awareness. These executive skills have a direct connection to the ability to socialize effectively. We teach our clients to develop these skills through conceptual learning, engaging activities and real-life situations.