Clubs are offered to current and previous clients in middle school, high school and young adults. Activities are based on the participants interests and therefore may change often. This participant-centered approach enables each person to apply the skills they are learning to be able to make friends in a safe, authentic environment.

Examples of topics: Board games, music, movies, Improv, field trips, new restaurants, etc.


This is an opportunity for those who need either specialized areas of learning or for those who are not able to make a weekly commitment due to time constraints. Over the course of two sessions, 1.5 hours on Friday evening and 2.5 hours on Saturday afternoon, students participate in learning experiences concentrated in Social ThinkingⓇ concepts. The three specializations offered are: Executive Functioning, Emotional Regulation, and Social 101. The fee for a retreat is $260. Groups fill quickly as they are kept small. Please contact for the schedule and registration details. 

2017 Summer Camp

2 Be Social offers weekly social learning camps throughout the summer. Each camp experience is as unique as the campers attending. The focus is on having fun while creating a safe, comfortable environment in which students are given the opportunity to increase their social awareness and ability to effectively work with others. Although the camp programs follow a specific theme, each week will focus on social thinking, self-awareness and social communication while incorporating, art, drama and team building exercises. Participants will learn the tools and strategies to continue building upon that success. Campers will develop self-confidence, social skills, and build friendships while experiencing a variety of exciting adventures. Many activities are held outdoors and there will be one field trip during the week that focuses on working together as a group.

There are four camp sessions, each two weeks long. Campers may attend one week or both weeks during each session. The four programs are for students ranging in age from 5-21. Please contact for more information and to apply. Please understand that an application is the first step of registration.

Detectives: Ages 5-7 

Superheroes: Ages 8-11 

Dragons: Ages 11-16 (split into two age groups) 

Adventure Camp: Ages 12-21 (split into 3 age groups)