social learning

Is it difficult to make and/or maintain friendships? Of course it is! It requires some work to make sure that we earn the trust of someone and for someone to want to interact with us.


We teach the tools and strategies necessary to develop good social skills.

We encourage our students to become effective social communicators by learning how to use social thinking concepts.

emotional regulation

Some of our feelings are so strong that it is difficult to hide them in front of other people. Many students with social difficulties often have big reactions to seemingly small problems.

We teach students to identify a feeling, other than the common feeling of anger, and gauge the size of the problem. 

We encourage students to think about how their emotion may affect those around them. 

executive functioning

Executive functioning is a process in which our brain organizes information. When it relates to social skills, our brain needs to have all of the important information organized quickly in order to respond to people and emotions in an expected way.


We teach students how to "think" about social communication and self-regulation. By learning to understand the "whys" of social behavior, students are able to build and strengthen their executive skills.


Where children, adolescents and young adults learn to be socially successful. 

Elementary Students

Middle School and High School Students

Young Adults

What You May Encounter During a Lesson


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