Social Thinking®  Learning Objectives:


Elementary: This group will learn how to share space effectively with peers in order to engage in reciprocal play.  Skills to master: sharing, initiating play, social awareness, self-awareness, understanding feelings, being part of a group, emotional regulation.


Tweens and Teens: This group will learn that other people have thoughts different from their own. They will learn mindreading techniques in order to understand what someone may be feeling and/or thinking about them. Mindreading will help support the following skills to master: self-regulation, perspective-taking, social awareness, emotional regulation and effective communication, social problem solving, decision-making strategies, specific executive skills to enhance social awareness and organizational skills.

Young adults: All of the skills taught in previous groups will be learned. This group’s curriculum will vary depending on the social goals and readiness of all members.  The lessons will be highly concentrated on collective interests and particular situations. Some examples of focus are; getting and keeping a job, developing relationships, navigating college classes and/or campus.