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Tara's Blog: Raising Neurodivergent, sometimes neuroSPICY, Teens

Welcome to My Blog! This is the place to extinguish negativity and find the potential in your ADHD and Asperger's teen.

Hey, there! My name is Tara Trievel, I am a mother, grandmother, middle school teacher turned social-emotional learning specialist. Phew...that was quite wordy. Long story short, I learned rather quickly that I needed to do a lot of work on my own to learn to teach neurodiverse adolescents. Neither a Bachelor's nor Master's in education equipped me for this population. My experience in the classroom and my personal experience raising neurodiverse kids taught me that this population is extremely difficult and I had better find a way to reach them before too many tears are shed and the frustration level is at a point of no return. So, after several years of research and skill building I opened my own practice. I developed a program that has been super successful with my clients and I want to share tools and strategies with parents.

My goal is to discuss topics that include guidance into the world and thoughts of our neurospicy kids. I want to help parents go from feeling confused to feeling confident, from feeling frustrated to feeling knowledgeable, all in order to help our children live a happy and fulfilled life by being able to make social connections across their lifespan.

Please follow, subscribe and don't forget to leave a comment about a topic or issue that may be a daily struggle.

What is the hardest thing to teach your teen?

  • Being able to connect and communicate.

  • Helping them regulate and calm their emotions.

  • Hygeine and caring about themselves.

  • How to make and keep friends.

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