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Your Child Deserves Acceptance

Our kids are growing and learning social every day. They are often navigating their world through their own lens which stifles their ability to "read" and understand social situations accurately. This is a common phenomenon with neurodiverse challenges. Learning a perspective to help them accurately "read" people and their surroundings will empower them to better control their experience and become more competent in social situations.  


Social Cognition

Social communication is necessary in almost every aspect of our lives. When we do this well we present as having good social skills or we are described as outgoing. Developing these skills will lead to stronger connections with others at home, school and work.


Becoming aware of ourselves through the eyes of others is challenging because it is much easier to "see" ourselves from our own point of view. Learning to "read" how others are perceiving our actions will help lead to the skills necessary to adjust our behavior and reactions. 


Managing our emotions has a huge impact on how others react to us. In order to help people feel comfortable when they are with us it is necessary to gauge the amount of emotion that we should exhibit at any particular time. This skill requires us to recognize our own feelings and take the perspective of those around us at the same time.

Executive Function

Executive functioning is a process in which our brain organizes information. When it relates to social skills, our brain needs to have all of the important information organized quickly in order to respond to people and emotions in an expected way.

1:1 Virtual Social Skills

Lessons  $75 session

Customized to empower teens and young adults to master the art of social competency. Our personalized 1:1 lessons are designed to help individuals navigate the complexities of school, home, work, and various social situations with confidence and ease.

At 2 Be Social, we understand the crucial role social skills play in shaping one's life. Our experts are dedicated to guiding and upleveling the social competency skills of teens and young adults. Through tailored lessons, we focus on enhancing the ability to read others and view experiences through different perspectives.

  1. 1:1 Lessons: We provide individualized attention, ensuring a customized learning experience for every student. This targeted approach accelerates personal growth and development.

  2. Confidence Building: As individuals gain control over their social interactions, confidence naturally follows. Our program is designed to instill a sense of self-assuredness that extends beyond social situations and positively impacts other aspects of life.

  3. Holistic Approach: We believe in a holistic approach to social competency. Our lessons encompass a wide range of scenarios, preparing students to navigate school, home life, professional settings, and more.

Social Groups 

One Saturday Every Month $55ea.

This is not your "typical" social skills instruction!

These social groups give your tween/teen/young adult the opportunity to explore social expectations and relationships with others in an engaging, accepting environment. Participants will learn very specific skills, tools and strategies necessary to make AND keep friends.

Over the past two decades our program has helped over a thousand people from elementary age through young adult develop the self-awareness and other awareness skills necessary to build relationships at home, school and work. Your child will build confidence in order to use their new skills in ANY social situation!

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Social skills activity for teens

Many adolescents and young adults with ADHD and ASD acknowledge their difficulty in establishing friendships or fitting in with their peers. However, some may deny their shortcomings or withdraw from social situations. The key to cultivating positive interactions with peers is to develop essential social competency skills, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, and effective communication skills. Our approach entails evaluating students' social skills and imparting them with Social ThinkingⓇ tools and strategies that harness their current strengths, enabling them to become better social communicators.

Based on my experience, I consider the individuals I work with as part of the "in the middle" population. They appear to blend in well with the general population, but they often struggle with utilizing their social skills appropriately in various situations. They don't necessarily fall under the category of those who are still learning social skills as they already know the rules and can identify the necessary skills. However, their unique characteristics and tendencies make it challenging for them to navigate through social interactions effectively. This can lead to some behavior that may not be well-received or accepted by others.


Welcome to 2 Be Social, a dedicated space committed to embracing the remarkable diversity of neurodivergent individuals while providing invaluable support for families. My aim is to assist  in honing self-awareness, mastering social skills, and teaching people how to thrive in a world that celebrates individuality.

My mission is to equip neurodivergent individuals with the necessary tools and confidence to navigate life confidently and independently. Simultaneously, I provide parents with essential support to foster stronger relationships with their children while ensuring their own well-being.

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